A native to The Bahamas with current roots in Atlanta. I have dared to create textiles and prints that pay homage to my heritage.  I always drew clothing and shoes and would sketch for proms or special occasion.  I always knew I was connected in this segment of the world.  However, my professional path took me along the business and accounting route.  I convinced my mum in my freshman year to purchase a sewing machine which I have to this date (that was 1989).  Fashion was pushed to the back of my mind as I pursued my career in accounting, but it was not permanently stored.  I felt an awesome tug when my best friend and I visited Paris, France after the birth of my son.  For a fleeting moment, I thought of being a student in fashion.  I later returned to the US to hustle a path of photography following a divorce as I dreamed about textiles. On a planned visit to the birthplace our Bahamian Androsian textiles, I took my then 3 year old to the island and I soon discovered upon arrival that the island was separated and I was on the wrong side.  My plan was to have a dual visit to see the island of my mother's birth, but I had to cancel my visit to view the textile facility.  Photography allowed me to see transformation of a person through fashion.  I watched as my clients relaxed with their selected garment changes.  How one sees oneself through the lens, does matter and is connected with fashion.  Twenty-eight years later after my freshman year, I was inspired to start a collection without ceasing.  Hence the rebirth of Shelley Monique.  Now I embrace the name I did not like--imagine that.  It has a different meaning--it has purpose.  I design for the bold vivacious traveler who dares to be culturally dipped into the vibrancy of the rich flavours of the Caribbean. If you roll-packed your garment, just shake loose in the air and hang for wear.  Great textile with little care!  I intend to adjust my sails in this tough industry, while setting my eyes on a great destination.